Red Lady Coalition

Mission Statement

The Red Lady Coalition is a group of individuals and organizations whose mission is preservation of a safe, intact and protected Mt. Emmons. This includes preserving the integrity ...


Historic Town of Crested Butte

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Crested Butte, CO

What We Do

Education, understanding and advocacy...

Faced with cultural, social and economic changes posed by even the proposal of a mine that must never be built, education is critical to our advocacy. Red Lady Coalition has assembled individuals and organizations with many years of cumulative experience in financial, corporate, environmental and mining sectors. Together, and united against a proposed mine, we bring to bear reseach and resources previously inconceiveable in the long history of opposition to a mine on Mt. Emmons. We educate our broader Gunnison Valley community on ways to protect Crested Butte's municipal watershed and keep the water clean in East River and Ohio Creek. Even the most benign extractive industry could create inevitable and irreversible impacts. Red Lady Coalition educates and fosters public understanding of the importance of clean water and air and how to keep them that way.